What does it mean to grow Organic?

Simply put, Organic Growing is a means to cultivate an ecosystem that sustains the life of the soil, the microbes, the plants, and the helpful/beneficial insects that live within it.

Isn't this what all Gardening, and Farming entails? 

Actually no, it does not. 

For at least the last 100years, Farming and Gardening have taken a stroll down a dark path of Synthetic Fertilizer and Pesticide use, as well as non sustainable methods of cultivation, which instead of healing and regenerating the soil has ended up striping it bare, and causing many environmental concerns.

Organic Gardening, and Farming are returning us to traditional ways of growing our food, where we are the stewards of the planet rather than it's destroyers. 


The soil is the base of a healthy garden and dealing with soil properly can prevent many issues. So, organic gardeners make sure the foundation of the garden is correct. They add organic fertilizer and compost to build the soil, and to ensure it is able to retain water and provide adequate nutrients to plants, and all of the beneficial Organisms that live there. 

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