Great White Granular 1® - Single Species Mycorrhizae

Great White Granular 1® - Single Species Mycorrhizae

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Great White Granular 1 is the most affordable organic, mycorrhizal product in the marketplace.  It is well-suited for use in vegetable, fruit and flower gardens.  Great White Granular 1 adds beneficial microorganisms to the root zone to enhance plant vigor. It is OMRI listed as well as OIM registered.

Use on vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Spread product at bottom of planting hole and around roots when backfilling.

Container size Amount of Great White Granular 1®
4″ 1 tsp
1 gallon 2 tbsp
5 gallon 10 tbsp
15 gallon or larger 1 cup

*1 tsp = 5 g
**1 Tbsp = 15 g

Mixing with Soil
Mix 8 oz with 2.5 cu ft of soil or 150 g with 50 L of soil.

Existing Plants
Make holes 2-3 in deep and 6 in apart around the canopy of the plant. Use 1 tsp per hole for optimal performance.