Plant Success Organics Granular® Fertilizer 4 OZ

Plant Success Organics Granular® Fertilizer 4 OZ

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Mike O’Rizey is an organic beneficial mycorrhizae product. It contains a diverse blend of mycorrhizal fungi that, once established, enhance the nutrient and water uptake of your plants.

It contains mycorrhizae, bacteria, trichoderma and an all-purpose fertilizer. The beneficial soil microbes combine symbiotically with organic plant food to enhance plant and root growth. It is well-suited to a variety of soils, climates and plants. Granular is easily applied to new plantings by simply sprinkling it into a planting hole or mixing in potting soil. The all-purpose fertilizer provides an excellent microbe food to establish plants and beneficial organisms. Plant Success Organics Granular™ will aid in creating a thriving and diverse soil capable of supporting maximum root and plant growth.

Transplanting: Spread the granular at the bottom of the planting hole. While filling the planting hole, spread product in close proximity to the roots.

Container Size Amount of Granules
seed - 4 in 1/4 tsp
1 gal 1 tsp/td>
5 gal 2-4 tbsp
1" caliper stem 4-6 tbsp

Mixing with potting soil or soilless media:

Mix 4-8 oz. per 2.5 cubic feet of soil