Wettable sulphur
Wettable sulphur

Wettable sulphur

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Soil Sulfur, made to be mixed into your soil.

BuildASoil brings you sulfur that you can introduce into your soil as a soil amendment. Wettable sulfur, and sulfur in general, is a tool to lower the pH levels in soil. Too much, the soil shows too much salt, and the plants suffer, so measurement and experience will be helpful. 

 For control of fungus/mold and scale insects.

Lightly dust over infected area with a paintbrush or mix 3 Tbsp Sulfur per gallon of water. Repeat applications at 10-14 day intervals or as necessary, up to day of harvest. Applications must be timed to go on before rainy or spore discharge periods. Make sure you don't let any sulphur get into the soil or it will drastically lower the ph. Do not apply in the heat of the day! Best time to apply apply is in the late evening.

Application rates

Normal Application: 1-2 teaspoons or 5-10 grams per gallon

Maximum Application: 1-2 tablespoons or 15-30 grams per gallon 

Foilar applications: use up to 3 tablespoons per gallon